No Cross No Crown(09/24)

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No Cross No Crown


Two years of my college life hae passed before I am aware of it.Gains and happiness are accompanied by paims and sadness.But the past time we have experienced seems to be more precious and valuable .Now,when recalling the past days we have sent together I have a mixed feeling.


The sight of the freshmen remind me that my college life would be free and colourful.However,when it comes,I found things going quite different.such as the inconvenience of apartments,unsatisfied catee meals.Perhaps some of you have the same feeling with me.Apart from this ,our college is well-known for her strict discipline,secial management system and teaching mode.Life here is of quick rhythm.In this small society.Competion appears to be more intensive.You may be confused now.But it does not matter.Teachers,here have accumulated much exerience certaimly merits our reference and study.


I still remembered clearly,at the beginning of my college life.Our teacher told us “Have an aim in life or your energies will all be wasted” here.I’d like to share with you-freshmen.I believe with that faith. The value of life lies not in the longth of days but in the use we made of them.Students of our college have put it into ractice.After a period of study.We realized that every policy of our college have put it into practice.After a period of study.We realized that every policy of our college aims to inprove our over-all abilities.To be frank.There is no difference between school time and vocation of our college.We do our social practice while others enjoy their life.In the process of practice .We put our theoretical knowledge into practice and exerienced the turth of “No pains,no gains”.


Hao Jing college is the cradles of our dreams as well as our parents’expection.All of us will start a new journey in this fertile land.It is my conviction that you will surely make great progress with the help of our teachers,of course.No road of flowers,leads to glory.In the process of you seek for success.You may fall into dire straits,confront troubles and setbacks.As we know,no pleasure without pain.So making a good preparation is essential to our life.Budt remember you are what you think.You’ll become what you thing most of the tme.


Dear fellow students.Lost time is never found again.Don’t hesitate to exert yourself to the life you have chose.Hao Jing college will be the start point of your dream.Today we are honouned to be a student of Hao Jing college,and tomorrow Hao Jing will be pround of us.